Is It Time To Replace Your Toilet?

Homeowners often don’t give some things we use many times a day such as the toilet a second thought. Built to last you probably haven’t considered replacing a toilet when it’s not causing any problems. Still time can take it’s toll and it’s possible things can start to go wrong and unnoticed that require attention. Here are some signs that may signal it’s time to replace old faithful.

Cracks and leaks

A closer look might reveal hairline cracks in the toilet tank. Once tiny cracks develop they can expand and grow enough to allow water in the tank to leak. That tank of water has the potential to cause serious moisture problems if not repaired. Some cracks can be fixed by a Victoria plumbing company or they may advise you a replacement is the best option.

Wobble, wobble

You may have noticed your toilet tends to wobble and could be easily fixed by tightening the bolts anchoring it to the floor. A leak over time could mean it’s a more serious issue due to a rotten floor. The only way to determine the cause is to remove the toilet and check it out.

More efficient flushing

Recent changes in the design of toilets means they now require less water in the tank to flush efficiently. Some models have a dual flush system with a full flush for solid waste and a partial flush for liquid waste. Conserving water is a very important topic so these changes are there to comply with new standard.

Comfort and style

A bathroom remodel might have you replacing the toilet to colour match the other new fixtures. Sleeker designs and smaller tanks mean less space is needed to accommodate the new commode.

Whether it’s time for a complete bathroom remodel or some other plumbing issue you want a plumbing company you can trust. When you’re looking for a company with experience Goodsense Plumbing in Victoria BC is here 24/7. Contact us today for more information.

Water Pressure Problems Are Worth Fixing

Anyone who’s experienced low water pressure trying to rinse off in the shower knows how frustrating it can be. It may come as a surprise that even water pressure that’s too high can pose a problem. The wide range of what’s too high or low is quite generous when it comes to household water pressure. While you might believe it’s out of your control there are several reasons your pressure is out of that range and deserves investigation.

A good reason to find out why the water pressure is above the acceptable range is the serious damage it could be doing to your plumbing. Annoying as low water pressure problems can be the issues are far more serious. With this in mind finding out what the underlying cause or causes might be and dealing with it is a good idea.

How low is too low?

Besides the problems with showering as mentioned before, if it takes a long time to fill a pot or if you hear a whistling sound from the tap may signal a problem. Check by purchasing a water pressure gauge and attaching it to your hose spigot. Readings below 30 psi is problematic. A leaky pipe or mineral buildup from hard water could be the reason. Buried pipes can cave in and our Victoria BC plumbers can easily diagnose the issue with a camera inspection.

Pressure buildup

Water pressure that’s too high will flow with too much force and you may hear a thumping sound when you turn the fixture off. The resulting strain on a continual basis can result in damage to your pipes, fittings and fixtures.

You might be like the majority of homeowners and would rather trust a plumbing company to check your water pressure. Give us call today and get ahead of the problem before any further damage occurs. With Fall already here and winter around the corner in Victoria, heavy rainfall can cause flooding and we’re available 24/7 to provide emergency service.

5 Questions to Ask a Victoria Plumber

It’s a great idea to have an established relationship with a plumber. You’ll want to shop around and do a little bit of an interview before hiring. If you’re building a new house you’ll have time to do a little research. If not, you may want to start looking for a reputable plumber in Victoria right now, before emergencies happen.

Here are 5 questions you’ll want to ask a plumber before hiring them.

  1. Do you have insurance and license.

It’s always better to go with the a professional plumber than a moonlighting part timer. Plumbers are required to have licenses and they should have insurance. If not, you’re liable for anything that goes wrong while they’re on your property.

  1. Do you charge for estimates

Every plumber, situation and location is a little different. So never assume your estimate will be free. Some charge travel time and some work the cost of the quote into the final cost when or if you go ahead with the work. Be sure you’re clear on how it works. You don’t need any surprises.

  1. What is your response time?

This is important to know, because when plumbing emergencies happen you don’t want to be left waiting. You need someone onsite as soon as possible. Do they have a plumber set aside just for emergencies? What is their after hours policy? Do you get charged more? The more details you have now, the more informed decision you can make when things go wrong.

  1. What is your area of speciality?

Most people don’t realize the scope of the plumbing trade. And every plumber has something they’re better at. So be sure to ask and plan accordingly. The job will go smoother and quicker if you’ve got the expert working on it rather than the toilet guy working on the hot water tank.

  1. References

It always a good idea to check references to ensure quality work. Most reputable plumbers are willing to give references.

We hope these questions help you in finding the right plumber in Victoria BC.

When To Call A Plumber

Sometimes it’s obvious that it’s time to call a plumber and sometimes the signs are a little sneaky. There are a few tasks a keen do it yourselfer can tackle quite well. However, if the jobs are complex or problems seem to be reoccurring it may be time to call in the professionals. Also handling some issues can be dangerous and unsafe, so make sure you have a certified plumber for these tasks. Here are a few guidelines on when it appropriate to ask for help.

New Construction

With any new builds you’ll need to pass a inspection by the City of Victoria building inspector. You will want to have this new plumbing put in properly, not just so it will pass the inspections but also to prevent issues down the road. Nothing is worse than a brand new house with plumbing problems. Suddenly your brand new house smells like an outhouse.

Any Renovations that require a permit

Your Victoria plumber will know all the building codes for the area and this is a huge advantage. The plumber also knows the process for permit application and approval very well, making one less thing for you to worry about.

Water Heater Problems

Dealing with a hot water tank when you don’t have the skill or knowledge can be dangerous. You could end up spending more money, when it could be a simple quick for for an experienced plumber.

Septic or Sewer Line leaks

Trust us, you don’t want to handle these without the proper training and equipment to protect yourself. You could end up with a very smelly problem on your hands if you try to do it yourself. This is one I’d definitely leave to the professionals.

Reocurring problem

This is a sign that something is off with your plumbing, it’s best to have it assessed by someone who is used to dealing with these kinds of issues, to resolve the issue completely.

If you are experience any of the above issues, it’s time to call us today.