Why Drain Cleaning Is So Important

One of the realities we can’t avoid are those household chores or jobs. Some are almost pleasant and we don’t mind doing them, while others are a major hassle. One of those hassles is drain cleaning. Because we can’t see that they’re dirty, it often takes a backup or slow running drain to get our attention.

If you stop to think about it, we’re cooking and preparing food, bathing, and washing up inches from filthy drains. Often it takes a problem to get our attention before we maybe dump some drain cleaner in the drain and assume it’s all fixed. When you’ve ignored those drains too long, you may want to consider calling in a professional plumber. Regular maintenance of the drains will keep them clear of buildup that can strain the pipes. If calling in a plumber is something you’d rather avoid, the following reasons will surely convince you to clean those drains.

  1. A breeding ground for mold. Mold thrives in any environment that’s dark and wet like drains. With the many health problems mold can cause, you don’t want it lurking anywhere in your home. What better reason to roll up your sleeves and clean those drains?
  2. Broken/ cracked pipes. Food particles or hair find their way into your drains on a daily basis. Over time they build up, water can’t flow as easily, and the pipes could burst from overworking, no matter if they are old or new.
  3. Unwanted leaks. Any time you have a broken pipe or plumbing fixture there’s going to be a leak. A smaller leak will do less damage than a larger one, but the end result is costly damage, especially if it goes unnoticed.
  4. The longer you delay the more it costs. Homeowners hate shelling out large sums of money needlessly, so it just makes sense to do regular drain maintenance!

Don’t wait until you wind up with damage to your house or a bill from the plumber as a result of a  leak. In Victoria BC contact Goodsense Plumbing and Drainage and let us take the stress out of your drain problems.