Drain Cleaning

drain cleaning victoria bcIs your drain clogged and sputtering out bits of water when you turn the tap on? Is the drip drop sound keeping you up at night and starting to drive you insane? Our service aims to successfully flush out your drain, completely ridding it of odours, hair, dirt, sentiment build up, and much more.

It can be a nuisance and an annoying process to try to get your water flowing smoothly after it’s been clogged or backed up. It is important to use the right equipment to ensure any damage to the pipes when trying to remove the clog is prevented.

At GoodSense plumbing, we use a variety of different tools and techniques to unclog your drain. We usually snake the drain or use high pressure water jetting to clean the pipeline, or in extreme cases replace the drain. For efficient and quick results, we use a “drain snake” which is a tool used to clean and unclog drains. They are effective because they are long and bendable, and can flex around corners, if necessary, without causing any damage to the pipes. It also has corkscrew auger at one end which is used to tear and eat up the debris. The drain snake is slowly spiralled down the drain until it successfully breaks up the clog.

Drain cleaning using a drain snake

Drain snake drain cleaner

Snaking a drain isn’t difficult if you know what you’re doing. If you choose to unclog your drain on your own, you need to visit your local hardware store to pick up your drain snake or what the industry sometimes calls a plumbers snake. Make sure to wear gloves and push the snake into the drain whilst turning it clockwise. When you noticed that you’ve hit the clog, start turning the snake and moving it slightly up and down to chew away at whatever it is backing up your drain. Keep doing this until the build up is broken down and no longer affecting your draining system.

High pressure water to clean drains

At GoodSense Plumbing, we also use high pressure water jet systems to flush out your drain if needed. This is accomplished using high powered water pressure to completely rid the walls of your drain of years of accumulated grease, sand, and dirt. If you want your pipes to work as well as when you first got them, a cleansing and flushing of your drain might be the answer you’re looking for. The high velocity of the jet systems has the power and speed to break off hardened material, but also gives the line a thorough and complete cleansing as the water wraps around the around the tube, flushing out loose build-ups of debris and dirt. This type of cleansing system can be used in a variety of settings including your showers and tubs, kitchen drains and lavatory sinks, laundry lines, and floor drains. Water jetting can be used for residential or commercial drains. Restaurants, businesses, and other commercial establishments will benefit from hydro pressure water jetting instead of using chemicals to break up the build up of deposits in your drain over many years. In extreme cases, we also replace the drain plumbing lines in kitchens, tubs.