Hot Water Tanks

glen-waterheaterThe most common question people have is “which is a better choice, to go with the electric or gas water heater”? First, it is important to know that if you replace your water heater and switch from one energy source to another, it can add substantially to the cost. You must also look at the long term cost and benefit of each to determine what type best suits your needs.
In general, it is less expensive to install electric water heaters rather than gas powered water tanks. This is mainly because the installation of the electric version is much simpler. Installation of gas powered hot water tanks may involved changing the gas piping when you need to upgrade to a newer model. Electric hot water tanks don’t require this type of continued attention. However, there seems to be no major fluctuation in day to day operating costs between the two. Gas water heaters also heat water faster, but venting though a chimney or wall is necessary.

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How long does a hot water tank last?

In terms of life expectancy, electric hot water tanks generally last longer than gas powered ones. This is mainly because gas powered tanks are affected and damaged over time by the flame at the bottom. From a performance perspective, gas hot water tanks heat water more quickly. Electric hot water tanks do take longer to heat water.

Electric or Gas hot water heater?

Electric hot water heaters are also a lot more environmentally friendly. For those concerned with greenhouse gas effects you can be rest assured electrically powered water heaters have no emissions. Generally, if you are hot water heaterreplacing a hot water tank, it’s most economical to replace your broken hot water heater with one using the same fuel.

Depending on the type of person that you are will help you determine which energy source to use to power your hot water tank. You may feel that installation is a priority, or maintenance cost over time is more important, or its impact on the environment is a major concern, or how quickly water is heated up and replenished may be the biggest influence impacting your decision. Each version has pros and cons over the other, and it will mainly come down to your preference and which version will properly serve your lifestyle needs in the best way.