New Toilet Features and Benefits

Did you know that installing a new American Standard, Toto or Kohler toilet can reduce clogs in your drain lines?toto water saver toilet

Consumer Reports ranks toilets for a number of features including self-cleaning of front and sides, water volume used, noise, waste removal and more. Based on consumer feedback Toto, Kohler and American Standard toilets receive top ratings from very good to excellent on their toilets which is why these are the toilets we at GoodSense Plumbing supply and install.

You can choose from designs that have higher floor clearance to make it easier on aging knees great for aging baby boomers or regular height (17” from floor). Added height from the floor is a feature that is very popular as it’s easier to get up off a higher toilet.

Choose from floor or wall mounted models with dual flush, high efficiency, flush valve, pressure assisted, gravity or back outlet models.

Bathrooms don’t have to be boring. Toilet design and innovation has come a long way in the past few years as ecology and water conservation has become more important to many consumers.

Dual flush toilets used to be great at flushing solid waste but did not do well with liquid waste removal when the lower water volume flush was chosen….that has all changed. Dual flush toilets designed and manufactured by these brands do well with both. More water does not always deliver a more effective flush so functionality, performance and quality are achieved through the application of holistic design principles.

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