3 Causes of low toilet water

It happens to everyone. One day a toilet in your home stops working properly, and you notice the water is low. Many people do not pay attention to their toilet water levels, but this is often the cause of most toilet malfunctions. Take a look below at the most common causes of low toilet water, so you know what to fix next time your toilet stops working.

  1. The Tube
    Along the top of the ballcock you will find a ⅛ inch tube. This tube connects to the overflow tube, but can sometimes become disconnected. If it is not properly connected, water is not able to go directly into the bowl of the toilet. Fix a disconnect by finding some pliers and adjusting the tube back in place. Be careful not to tighten it too much as you could damage the tube or tank!
  2. The Bowl
    Sometimes the bowl of your toilet may have a defect that causes the water level to be low. Small bubbles may occur in the china which may leak out water, but this can easily be fixed by a small patch from the manufacturer. If you get a patch for this problem, keep an eye on it as this can often only be a temporary fix and water may start to leak through the patch again.
  3. The Stopper
    Often the toilet float can be tangled with the chain or there may be something blocking it, which causes the toilet to continuously run. Take a look at your stopper- if the chain is too long is may be able to tangle too easily, or if it is too short it may prevent the stopper from fully sealing. A quick check on this can fix your toilet in no time.

If you have an ongoing problem with a toilet in your home or business, and these quick tricks do not offer relief, contact us here at Goodsense Plumbing & Drain Cleaning today.

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