5 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Drains

Sooner or later it happens and you wind up with a clogged drain in one of your sinks. Let’s face it those drains are subject to all manner of things whether it’s hair, grease, lint or even some unknown object that can create a clog. In a misguided attempt to save a few dollars we try to deal with the problem ourselves with mixed results. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid.

  1. The garden hose. Some people believe the added pressure of a garden hose will clear the clogged drain. So they drag that dirty garden hose inside connect it to the tap and blast away. Apart from the mess this DIY fix creates you could wind up damaging the pipes.
  2. Drain augers. This equipment can be useful but probably best left in the hands of a professional. Otherwise you could end up damaging your pipes and this tool is not very useful for larger piping.
  3. Chemical drain cleaners. Commercial drain cleaners rely on harsh chemicals to clear drains and all too often don’t deliver as promised. If an obstruction is the problem they are completely useless.
  4. Coat hangers. It should go without saying using a wire coat hanger you’ve straightened out is a no, no. An ineffective solution to clearing drains it’s possible for it to become stuck and cause more damage.
  5. Fix it yourself. Dealing with plumbing problems is better left to an experienced plumber. A qualified professional can diagnose and fix the problem quickly and could save you money in the long run.

Having your pipes cleaned and inspected on an annual basis will spot problems with your drains. We’d like to be the company you call when you require reliable plumbing and drain cleaning services, contact us today. Besides yearly maintenance we’ve got you covered anytime for any emergency situations that occur.

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