How to Lower Water Bills in The Winter

The winter months are a time when families and friends gather to enjoy the holidays, visit and share time together. This extra company can lead to higher utility costs in the winter months, including water bills. Below are some tips that could help lower those bills.


Leaks that you may not be aware of can easily add up and result in higher water bills throughout the winter months. One of the best ways to prevent leaks is to schedule regular maintenance, both for your main plumbing as well as for the various plumbing appliances. Regular maintenance allows the technician to find and fix any problems with the system which can prevent water waste and save money in repair costs if caught early.

Prompt Repairs

Any time you notice a problem with your plumbing, it’s wise to address it quickly as an issue can escalate and cause further damage to your system and appliances. Prompt attention will save you money on your water bills over time and lower repair costs as mentioned above.


Everything from water heaters to plumbing pipes have an expiration date and will need to be replaced eventually. When part of your system is getting old or too worn out to operate properly it’s a good idea to replace it now. Older plumbing systems are more prone to develop leaks and malfunctions up to and including full breakdowns. The new low flush toilets and low flow shower heads available can help lower water bills not only in the winter, but all year round. Older shower heads put out 4-5 gallons/minute while a low flow shower head has an output of 1.5 gallons/minute and still provides a forceful shower. Low flush toilets use 4.48 litres less compared to the 6 litres needed in older models. Both will provide savings over the year.

If you suspect your plumbing systems are in need of replacement, contact our plumbing contractors in Victoria BC.

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