How Often do I Need to Replace My Water Line?

Since the 1950’s copper has been the primary material used to bring water from the street to your home. Under normal conditions copper can last as long as 100 years, however sometimes problems arise that may result in a need to replace your waterline. Make yourself aware by reading below:


Although copper pipes are resistant to many kinds of corrosion, there are 2 types to which they are susceptible. Formicary and pitting corrosion are caused by the presence of formaldehyde and chlorine particles in the soil and air. Over time these types of corrosion can degrade the copper and result in leaks. If left unchecked, the pipe will be damaged and require replacement.

Tree Roots

Everyone enjoys having trees for the privacy and shade they provide, and having trees on your property even increases the value of your home. It may come as a surprise to realize that tree roots are a major threat to your water lines. A tree anywhere near your waterline means the root system could grow into the pipe, as roots will naturally seek out any source of moisture. Catch the problem early and cut the roots out to prevent further damage and save you from replacing the whole pipe. If left unchecked, the root system could end up obstructing the flow of water through the pipe and possibly crack the pipe, causing it to need replacing.

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

There are some warning signs that your waterline may have been damaged by a tree root system or by corrosion and they should not be ignored. For example, a stammering faucet could be an indication that your waterline is leaking. Uncovering and fixing the problem as soon as you suspect an issue can save you money.

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