Water Pressure Problems Are Worth Fixing

Anyone who’s experienced low water pressure trying to rinse off in the shower knows how frustrating it can be. It may come as a surprise that even water pressure that’s too high can pose a problem. The wide range of what’s too high or low is quite generous when it comes to household water pressure. While you might believe it’s out of your control there are several reasons your pressure is out of that range and deserves investigation.

A good reason to find out why the water pressure is above the acceptable range is the serious damage it could be doing to your plumbing. Annoying as low water pressure problems can be the issues are far more serious. With this in mind finding out what the underlying cause or causes might be and dealing with it is a good idea.

How low is too low?

Besides the problems with showering as mentioned before, if it takes a long time to fill a pot or if you hear a whistling sound from the tap may signal a problem. Check by purchasing a water pressure gauge and attaching it to your hose spigot. Readings below 30 psi is problematic. A leaky pipe or mineral buildup from hard water could be the reason. Buried pipes can cave in and our Victoria BC plumbers can easily diagnose the issue with a camera inspection.

Pressure buildup

Water pressure that’s too high will flow with too much force and you may hear a thumping sound when you turn the fixture off. The resulting strain on a continual basis can result in damage to your pipes, fittings and fixtures.

You might be like the majority of homeowners and would rather trust a plumbing company to check your water pressure. Give us call today and get ahead of the problem before any further damage occurs. With Fall already here and winter around the corner in Victoria, heavy rainfall can cause flooding and we’re available 24/7 to provide emergency service.

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